Sunday, 29 June 2008

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If you have seen this blog thanks...

I have decided to move my blog to word press.. please click on the link above to go to my new site...

Thanks to

Blogger has been great... but people change.

Its not you its me... seriously.


the Generic Asian

Friday, 27 June 2008

Blogger, wordpress and the wonderful world of the internet

It been 3 days plus a couple of hours now that I have spent looking reading surfing and just finding out how I can build a "better" website that I will like and that I can effectively be able to use, manage and organize properly.

I am not a tech geek, however I do know how to use computers and many other techie stuff. But I feel like fish out of water when it comes to blogging and making websites.

The wonderful world of the internet, the final resting place of all useful information, has proven to be quite a difficult space to navigate. I must say after spending all this time researching, I am more confused than ever!

If you do not want or have the means to spend on hiring a web designer or a website developer, I think we have pretty much narrowed down our options to two choices. and is great! I seem to be able to use it and its by Google. That's the reason why this blog is here.

It just does not have the coolness factor which I am looking for, but hey it works! It might not be a limitation. It could be just me.

Then there is Wordpress. I like the message on the first page on the website (If you click on the article title, it links you to the website too!!!)

and I quote

"WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it."

I like that and the templates are just cool from the get go...

We'll see how it works out. But for now is for me. Wordpress.... well let's just say it a work in progress... and its not Wordpress I am talking about. : )


the Generic Asian

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Welcoming Pepper

Yes we have a new addition to our home.

His name is Pepper. He is a adult domestic short haired cat or DSH fo short.
He is looking a bit shy and timid, but hey i would be if I got scooped out of a shelter just like that.

Click on the headline to get to his photo!!!

Anyway, if your planning to get a pet. Adopt one.

Here in Bangkok, there is and do your share.

Anyhow, I am too excited to write right now and I think we need to calm the cat down a bit...



the Generic Asian

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I love food

I have been very very busy lately... work, family & me.... Everything seems to be getting in the way.

Don't get me wrong, its probably one of the most interesting times in my life, but boy do I miss the little things...

By now you all know how I feel about food. It ranks very high on the list of things I really enjoy.

I love eating. But lately, my wife has lovingly reminded me to start watching what I have been eating. It's not an outright ban on certain foods... just a tactical reduction.

It's not looking too good though. I starting to get a crave.

Oh well, let's see how it goes and bon appetit!

the Generic Asian

Monday, 26 May 2008

Back on track

This is not blogger fade... I have been busy lately traveling on business and you can say work got into my way.

Good thing though that I got a chance to go home at the same time.
Life is good and times are good... its just I am a bit busy now.

Going home has made me remember a few things... more on that later... right now I have to go... I am busy being a father and a husband...



the Generic Asian

Friday, 9 May 2008

Picking yourself up

Hello guys...

If you've seen this blog for the first time... thanks for really really really looking hard to find this blog... Even my wife can 't find it.

To those who have for some strange reason is back to read the ramblings, welcome back...

You all know I love my Ipod. And for the millions who've read my blog, you know it died on me not so long ago...

But God bless Apple.. I sent it there to have it fixed and they said $ xxx.xx to fix it, but if you pay $ xxx.xx we'll get you a new one that's god as new...

Yes it was slightly cheaper than having it fixed but hey... its a new IPOD... same make and model though... so it really crashed my evil plot to buy a new IPOD... but then again I am not exactly a complete tragedy.

Speaking of tragedy, I downloaded my usual podcasts... and one of them was this Podcast called Tips from the Top Floor. The host of the show is also going through tough times...

Seems like everyone is going through rough times now and so is Allen Rockwell.

Ok guys I do not know this guy. In fact I completely forgot his name as I actually once did download his podcast.

Well, he recently got robbed of about US$ 10,000 worth of photography equipment. I won't go into specifics here, but if you need more info, please click on this link .

So ok guys you know I am far from rolling in cash and I really do not care who this guys is... and maybe the poor folks in Myanmar deserves my money... but a few buck here to help the guy out won't hurt.

I live in Asia. From where I come from, when you see someone who has been knocked down.. You help them in your own little way.

Give him a few bucks... download his podcast and think of it being the fee you paid for enjoying the podcast he shared to all of us.

And as for Myanmar... Give them more than a few bucks.... help them out too they are our brothers and sister too...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Pricing your work and the never ending story of lust

In photography, it seems the lusting never stops.... its like a never ending story of lust greed and more lust. I am constantly being seduced by more and more stuff.... a new lens, a new body, a new filter, cleaning kits, tripod, it seems like it never ends.

I currently have a decent set of equipment... Let's just say in theory, I can shoot just about everything I can think of, yet every time I walk into a camera shop, there's always something.

Right now its all about filters. I always had a UV filter of some kind in front of my lens as an "insurance" of some kind. I figure that if there was any glass which was going to be scratched it better be my filter.

After all, I only have three lenses. A fifty prime which I love to bits and two zoom lenses, that I have are the well regard. These are the slightly more expensive 2.8 Canon L grade lenses

So I figure its about time to go lens filter shopping.... a bit of research here and there has shown a complex multitude of options... the range in price is quite broad, but unlike the lenses themselves, filters tend to be a bit ambiguous.

There have been a few markers of quality that I am aware of. Normally a reputable brand is a good start, the build feel of the filter when you touch it, is it made of glass or plastic, is it multi coated, etc.

There is a fundamental flaw to my approach. It assumes that I know a lot about these markers of a good quality product.

When all else fails, the solution I find to help me decide is ultimately the price.
If it is too cheap, then its suspicious. If its too expensive... then its just plain too expensive.

This made me think. How much is my body of work be worth if I tried to price it?

What I have seen so far and I think this is so true with many of today's photographers and artists. I see commercial photographers who ask for almost nothing just to get a job and then there the "artists" who think too highly of their work who tend to over price their work.

I am not a professional photographer, but until recently, I never really looked at how I can, if asked, price my work?

Do I price my work like most "bargain" shops here in Bangkok. Price high and always ready to drop 50% off the retail price at a winks notice.

Oh well, just a thought, I do not intend to sell my work nor could I ever imagine anyone wanting to buy my work...

So I gues the question sticking in my mind is do I really need to know how much my body of work is be valued? Or is it just like filters for the lenses, would I even bother using one at all?


the Generic Asian